Clifton Town Council

CLIFTON — The possible future closure of portions of the Coronado Trail is expected to be the hot topic of discussion at this month’s Clifton Town Council meeting.

A presentation given by Arizona Department of Transportation at the Greenlee County Board of Supervisors meeting in October spurred concern that the trail could be closed in the future due to high maintenance costs coupled with low public usage.

Speaking with the Copper Era, Greenlee County Supervisor Rob Campbell clarified that the presentation showed the Coronado Trail as one of three Arizona roads in similar conditions. He emphasized that he believed the possibility that such action would be eventually taken would be low.

“If they do, in the future, choose to pursue the closure, the county would fight it tooth and nail, of course,” Campbell said.

The Copper Era reached out to ADOT following the initial report but was unable to receive further details on the matter.

ADOT District Engineer Bill Harmon will be giving a presentation concerning the future of the trail at Thursday evening’s Clifton Town Council meeting.

“I know the council will have a lot of questions based on what’s been reported recently,” Town Manager Ian McGaughey said. “It will be a good opportunity to hear firsthand what the situation is. Clearly, the Town of Clifton has an interest in the future of the trail. Our town’s slogan is ‘Where the Trail Begins’ for a reason.”

The town will also continue its discussions in closed executive session on potential sales of town-owned properties on Chase Creek Street “. . . in order to secure the best possible value on behalf of our taxpayers,” McGaughey said.

Councils are permitted to hold discussion outside the public’s view on a limited number of issues — legal matters real property transactions and personnel matters — however, no decisions may be made in the closed executive session. The council must reconvene in open meeting to take a vote.

The council will meet Thursday, 7 p.m., at Town Hall.


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