The following is the seventh installment about the adventures of the Safford Educational Travelers. This is the seventh year Linda Hedges has taken a group of local students and adults on an educational experience with EF Educational Tours. The articles are written by student travelers.

When I woke up the tenth day, I was so enthusiastic. Today we would be going to Strasbourg, then to Paris! Strasbourg, in my opinion, was gorgeous. Romans founded Strasbourg in 12 B.C., and there are three areas of Strasbourg: old town, the European area and the German area. Also, I learned that the University of Strasbourg has more than 43,000 students and 4,000 researchers. The University of Strasbourg is the largest university in France, and it is the top-ranking university in France.

After the guided sightseeing tour, we walked to the Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg. The Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg was gorgeous! The detail in the carving was absolutely miraculous. One thing I noticed was that it wasn’t very tall, but the cathedral was the world’s tallest building between 1648 and 1874. Today, it is the sixth-tallest church in the world. The detail in the carving was so intense and beautiful.

After seeing the Strasbourg Cathedral, we walked to the train station. We were told to watch out for the gypsies. When I finally did see a gypsy, I realized that gypsies were not at all what I was thinking they looked like.

If there was one thing I was looking forward to trying, it was the train. Since I had never ridden on one before, I was very excited to ride the train on this trip. When I looked out the window, I got motion sickness.

The train goes an average of 160 miles per hour. When we left Strasbourg, France, it was 5:46 p.m. When we arrived in Paris, it was only 8:05 p.m. It took us only two hours and 19 minutes, and it is 247 miles between Strasbourg and Paris!

When we got to Paris, we went and ate dinner. Dinner was very good. It was very loud, though, and I didn’t like the way that our group was spread out all over the restaurant. Our hotel was like a hotel that you would find in America! The best part was that there was American music and American channels on the television! I was very excited about being able to watch American television. Then after a long day, my roommates and I went to bed ready for the next day.

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