SAFFORD — Many brilliant and ambitious Safford High School seniors are planning to pursue college or trade school upon graduation and students are encouraged to apply for scholarships and help them through the process.

With the high cost of tuition and living expenses today, these scholarships are of enormous help to students. They are also a means of recognizing hard work and dedication through school. There are many generous scholarships offered throughout our community. Many within the community have established memorial scholarships, some local businesses offer scholarships and certain scholarships are awarded to students with specific interests or students who have been involved in sports or other special activities through high school.

Though many scholarships are given based on academic achievements or financial need, some are designated for students hoping to enter a particular field, and others may be awarded based on writing an essay.

Each year in May, these are awarded at the Safford High School scholarship assembly to many deserving seniors who aspire to pursue post-secondary education. This is an exciting event for students and the school is currently in the process of planning for this occasion.

Some scholarships are given consistently year after year and others are offered for one year only. All scholarships are greatly appreciated.

SHS invites any organization or individuals within the community wanting to offer a scholarship to contact the school counselors, as there is still time to offer a scholarship to the seniors. If any individual or business would like to offer a scholarship and be a part of the SHS scholarship assembly this year, contact Jeana Robbins at 928-348-6994 or Gina Onorato at 928-348-6995. SHS plans to have everything in place by Friday, April 19.

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