Mayors from Safford, Thatcher and Pima, along with District 1 Supervisor Drew John partnered with concerned Graham County citizens on Sept. 17 to sign proclamations and raise awareness of growing community problems.

The first document presented was a proclamation to declare the week of Sunday, Oct. 28, through Sunday, Nov. 4, as White Ribbons Against Pornography Week.  The mayors and supervisor gladly signed the document while posing with members of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas.  Ida Sainz, Helen Romero, Shari Sutorka and Mercy Rivera wanted to ensure that Graham County citizens would be aware of the damaging effects of pornography.

"We want to make sure everybody, especially teens, understands that this is more than just picking up a magazine or watching a movie," Sainz said.

According to the proclamation, pornography teaches children and teenagers to accept and participate in antisocial and dehumanizing behaviors and can become an addiction that destroys marriages and devastates normal functioning.  

 "It is a real problem, especially for married couples.  A lot of people say to themselves, 'I can look at it, and it's not going to be a big deal,' but it develops into an addiction and affects the entire family,"  John said.

During the week of Oct. 28 through Nov. 4, citizens who support the enforcement of laws against obscene materials are asked to wear or display white ribbons as a sign of their commitment.

Proclamation of National Recovery Month

Local leaders also signed a proclamation to declare September as National Recovery month in Thatcher.  They were joined by members of law enforcement and the Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition.  This proclamation outlined the need for and possibility of recovery for people with mental or substance abuse disorders.

"This petition states our dedication to establishing realistic long-term recovery care for substance abuse disorders," Safford Mayor Gibb said.

The theme for 2012 Recovery Month was "Join the Voices for Recovery: It's Worth it."  In observation, the Substance Abuse Coalition set up a booth at Thatcher's Night Out celebration at Daley Estates Park to educate residents about substance abuse issues and the "Dump the Drugs" receptacles, located inside local police departments' offices.

    For more information about substance abuse recovery, contact Kathy Grimes at (928) 428-1751.

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