As the New Year approaches, the State Fire Marshal’s Office reminds citizens that even though certain types of consumer fireworks are legally sold in Arizona, they may not be able to legally set them off in their city, town, or county, and the fireworks should always be handled with care and caution.

While fireworks are allowed to be sold statewide, HB2246, passed in 2010, allowed room for restriction. For example, cities and towns have authority to limit the use of approved consumer fireworks within their incorporated boundaries. Additionally, during times of high fire danger, counties have control of the use of approved consumer fireworks on unincorporated areas within their boundaries.

So, what does that mean to you? First you need to check with your local fire department and find out if you are allowed to use approved consumer fireworks in your area. Also, note that the list below shows examples of approved and unapproved fireworks that can be sold in Arizona. However, please remember that this does not necessarily mean you are not restricted by the laws of your city/town/county from using approved consumer fireworks. So again, please make sure you check with your local fire jurisdiction to find out if you are allowed to use the approved consumer fireworks in your area.

Within Graham County, Safford, That-cher and Pima have restricted use of fireworks, and many of those approved to be sold in Arizona may not legally be set off within those areas.

 Examples of approved consumer fireworks are ground and hand-held spark-ling devices such as cylindrical fountains, cone fountains, illuminating torches, wheels, ground spinners, filter sparklers, toy smoke devices, wire sparklers and dipped stick sparklers, party poppers, snap caps, snakes, glow worms and multi-tube fountains.

Examples of unapproved consumer fireworks are bottle rockets, skyrockets, missile-type rockets, helicopters, torpedoes, Roman candles, firecrackers, aerial shells and mortars.

The Arizona Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety encourages Ari-zonans to take these necessary precautions so everyone may enjoy a safe and happy New Year celebration. Visit for more information.

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