SAFFORD — Who has the faster growing hair — a human or a dog?

That was just one of the displays at the 2013 Eastern Arizona Regional Science Fair competition, at Eastern Arizona College Discovery Park Campus, Friday and Saturday.

The competition boasted projects and displays from 48 students from area schools, including Safford, Thatcher, Willcox, Pima and Bonita. The competition is an annual event sponsored by the Eastern Arizona Science Initiative, thanks to grant funding provided by Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Inc.

Each grade level, from fifth through eighth grades, was divided into three categories for judging: earth science, life science and physical science. (High school-age entrants were in one open division, also divided into three science categories.) EAC instructors and members of staff served as judges for the event.

Students' displays were available for viewing Friday and Saturday, with the final award ceremony Saturday at 6 p.m.

First- and second-place winners in every category and grade level received a trophy and ribbon. First-place overall winner and her science teacher each received an iPad-Mini, and second- and third-place overall winners received iPod-Touch devices.

First-place overall went to Bonita seventh-grader Kristi Webster for her project , “Concrete or Recycled Concrete,” which demonstrated the strength and feasibility of using concrete mixed with common waste products.

Sixth-grader Keely Dorrell of Safford’s Dorothy Stinson School won second place overall with her project entitled “Male versus Female Lung Capacity,” and third overall went to Dallon Nelson from Safford Middle School for his project on hair growth in humans versus dogs.

In addition to the prizes and recognition, first-place winners from each category and grade level will receive full tuition to the annual EASI Summer Science Camp, also held at EAC's Discovery Park Campus for grades six through eight, and at the main campus for high school-age winners.

In order to participate in this regional event, students had to be invited after placing either first or second in the earth, life or physical science categories at their own school's science fair. The overall winners will move on to compete at state and national levels.

The Eastern Arizona Science Initiative is composed of teachers from all grade levels throughout Graham and Greenlee counties, cooperating to improve science education in eastern Arizona, to provide extracurricular opportunities for students who demonstrate an interest or higher aptitude for science and to provide opportunities for teachers to improve their content knowledge in science. More information about EASI and its summer camp opportunities are available by calling Paul Anger at 928-428-6260.

5th and 6th grades

Physical Science category:

1st place: Aniken Aguilar (Dorothy Stinson School, Mrs. Kvale)

2nd place: Andrew Smith (Dorothy Stinson School, Mrs. Waters)

3rd place: Shay Shupe (Dorothy Stinson School, Mrs. Waters)

honorable mention: Alisa Peterson (Solomon, Mrs. Lines)

Life Science category:

1st place: Keely Dorrell (Dorothy Stinson School, Mrs. Waters)

2nd place: Adam Wright (Dorothy Stinson School, Mrs. Waters)

Earth science category:

1st place: Logan Adams (Bonita, Mrs. Bull)

2nd place: Manuel Zapata (Bonita, Mrs. Bull)

7th and 8th grades

Physical science category:

1st place: Tyrell Green (Wilcox, Mrs. Seacrest)

2nd place: Victoria Curtis (Safford, Mrs. Pearson)

3rd place(tie): Brett Taylor (Pima, Mr. Donaldson)

3rd place(tie): Emily Konopnicki (Safford, Mrs. Pearson)

honorable mention: Wesley Bowman (Pima, Mr. Donaldson)

honorable mention: Brandon Goodman (Thatcher, Mrs. Rickert)

Life science category:

1st place: Marshall Launer (Thatcher, Mrs. Rickert)

2nd place: Wren Klump (Bonita, Mrs. Crouthers)

3rd place(tie): Kristin Bilicic and Julia Bushman (Safford, Mrs. McDougal)

3rd place(tie): Hallie Skinner (Safford, Mrs. Pearson)

honorable mention: Destiny Merriman (Thatcher, Mrs. Rickert)

honorable mention: Tara Wilhelm (Thatcher, Mrs. Rickert)

honorable mention: Nicolas Gonzales (Safford, Mrs. Pearson)

Earth science category:

1st place: Kristi Webster (Bonita, Mrs. Crouthers)

2nd place: Dallon Nelson (Safford, Mrs. Pearson)

3rd place: Payton Hawkins (Pima, Mr. Donaldson)

honorable mention: Corinne Young (Thatcher, Mrs. Rickert)

High School:

1st place: Morgan Bryce and Luke McCrea (Thatcher, Dr. McBride)

2nd place: Brenna Ollerton, Maurissa Green, Lauren Jensen and Emma yla-Pynnonen (Thatcher, Dr. McBride)

3rd place Tyler Jensen and Danan Sparks (Thatcher, Dr. McBride)

honorable mention: Thomas Cope (Thatcher, Dr. McBride)

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