SAFFORD — Initially, Todd Stevens didn’t want to say his name. Or allow his children to be photographed while he and his family volunteered to help clean a stranger's yard.

“We’re not looking for recognition,” he said. “But then I thought, ‘what if this could help inspire others to help.’ ”

Stevens, his wife, Jessica, and his seven children — Luke Brown, 6; Andrew Boivin, 8; Dawson Stevens, 10; Sadie Boivin, 14; Jacob Godek, 15; Rachel Boivin, 16; and Michael Godek, 18 — were all on hand to help Southeastern Arizona Clean and Beautiful clean the front yard of a home on 6th Avenue owned by a woman who is currently in an assisted-living facility.

“It’s just part of our Christian faith to give back to the community,” Todd said. “It’s a good value to instill in the children.”

Jessica said that getting the children to work on a Saturday was not a problem.

“The only resistance was them not wanting to get out of bed,” she said. “But once here, they couldn’t wait to get to work.”

The family, along with SEACAB’s Jay Rasco, Hal Herbert and other volunteers, were able to clear away an estimated 20 cubic yards of weeds, dead trees and debris in less than three hours.

“Fantastic is the word,” said Rasco. “They all did a fantastic job. And without them, it wouldn’t have gotten done.”

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