Today, we were coming from Safford around 11 o’clock and heading toward San Jose, where we live. A highway patrolman turned around and followed us, turned his lights on and stopped my husband. My husband pulled to the side, and the patrolman came to my side. He told me this stupid thing, that my windshield was cracked and that’s why he stopped us.

Nothing was wrong with it.

We knew right away what he was doing. He thought we were from Mexico without any paperwork. He just asked for my husband’s identification.

This is the same stuff that is going on in Tucson and Phoenix. I was so mad, I didn’t see his name or badge number.

Louisa Maldonado,

 senior citizen


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Kittie Preas Koukalik

Good, he is doing his job. If you are legal, why worry about it???


@Kittie, racial profiling is unconstitutional and inhumane. If Ms. Maldonado's story is accurate and you want to defend to a racist liar then go for it, just don't shame others for getting upset by their rights being violated.


And that is the point ST, There is no way from Louisa's LTTE to verify anything that she says, so I say err on the side of caution and give the kudos to where it should be, Good job DPS!

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