Go climb a wall, but first grab a compass and run for a while and then plot a new course and hop on a bike and ride for about 10 miles; then you would get a feel for what Venturing is about.

Local Venturing Crew 5050 (the only local co-ed group and sponsored by the VFW) participated in the 11th annual Gilmore Adventure Race in Prescott on Sept. 22.  The race is associated with the California Adventure Racing Association and Champion-ship.

The adventure race consisted of navigation using a topical map and use of trek and bike skills to complete the course.  Location of points on a map were plotted by each team from coordinates given by race sponsors.

The team used its skills to complete the games and a mystery event while on the trek and bike course in the allotted five-and-a-half hours for the event. They also had the opportunity to pick up bonus points if they found extra checkpoints. Those were counted into the team totals.  To finish, team members and their gear had to go over a 12-foot wall.  

There were two course lengths offered to contestants. First was the beginner or short course that was 12-15 miles in length. The long course was 20-24 miles long.

Local Gila Valley Venturing Crew 5050 leaders came in first in their division.  They were Mons Larson, Merlin Baldwin, Kristen Schwerin and Mallene Elicio.

The Youth Boys came in second and included Bryce Larsen and Shane Peabody.  The Youth Girls came in fourth and included Stephane Adams and Shalea Richardson.

This was the second year the local group participated in the event.  In its first year of  existence, the group went to Camp Surf in California. Last year, the group spent four days camping and canoeing at Lake Apache.  The local co-ed team is planning a scuba dive trip for next year in California.

Venturing is for boys and girls ages 14-20 and encompasses high-adventure elements from rock climbing to kayaking and scuba diving to shooting sports. As members of Venturing groups the youths work on advancement to Ranger awards. This is separate from merit badges and Eagle Scout achievements.

Venturing is a youth development program that is part of the Boy Scouts of America designated for young men and women from 14 to 20 years of age. To find out more about Venturing scouting go to www.grandcanyononbsa.com.

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Congratulations Stephanie and Shalea! You are a great team! Also, congratulations Mallene, Kristen, Mons, Merlin, Bryce and Shane! Leaders, thank you for all that you do so Stephanie and the others can belong to the Awesome 5050 Venturing Crew!!
Sincerely, Debbie Adams [smile]

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