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Vendors set up in Clifton's Art Depot on Saturday for the first-ever Christmas Craft Fair Extravaganza.

Clifton’s Art Depot held its first Christmas Craft Fair Extravaganza on Saturday.

The event featured vendors from Clifton and Morenci selling a variety of crafts, from jewelry to baked goods.

The idea came about a month ago as a way to support local artists during the holiday season, Art Depot Board Member Pamela Harrington said.

“This has been great. It’s a way we can support the local crafters of the area and we really want to encourage art in all of its forms,” she said.

Furthering that mission, the depot decided not to charge the artists for participating, Harrington said.

“We are not charging any fees for the vendors,” she said. “We wanted to give the community the chance to sell their goods without having to worry about vendor fees.”

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