You might want to stock up on water and crank your thermostat down as we head into the weekend.

The weatherman is saying we can expect the temperature to reach near record levels Saturday through Wednesday.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Carl Cerniglia said a high pressure system will be building over portions of the state, including Graham and Greenlee counties, and that will result in temperatures 8-10 degrees higher than normal.

“We’ll be seeing temperatures really close to our records around the area,” Cerniglia said. “It will defintely be the hottest period we’ve seen so far this year. Hopefully it’ll be the hottest we see all year period, but that’s just me wishing.”

The high Friday is expected to be around 105 degrees and it’ll jump to 110 Saturday, he said. It’ll continue to be 109-111 through Tuesday and then start to cool by a degree or two through the rest of the week.

The overnight lows will be hot, too; they’ll be in the ‘70s, Cerniglia said.

The models are showing a “little bit” of hope in terms of rain starting Wednesday, he said.

The area had one single 100-degree day in May, Cerniglia said.

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