Eleven-year-old Sienna Frazer may not have won top prize in Bashas’ fifth-annual Donut Flavor Craze Contest, but she’s already thinking about what she can enter next year.

The Clifton resident was one of 11 finalists in the contest, but a 10-year-old girl from Surprise took home $500 and other prizes for a buttercream-filled donut she called Sprinkle Explosion.

Sienna received honorable mention and a $20 Bashas’ gift card for her donut, “Neapolitan Dream.” Her creation was a strawberry long john donut, filled with vanilla pudding and topped with chocolate frosting and pink, white and brown sprinkles.

Sienna’s mom, Sabrina Bailey, said she was standing at Bashas’ donut case with both of her daughters when she saw the flyer about the contest.

“I was talking with the girls and I asked them if there’s a donut they’d like to try and (Neapolitan Dream) is what Sienna came up with,” Bailey said. “She came up with the strawberry and I asked her what she wanted to put inside of it.”

After their recipe was finished, it was just a matter of going online to fill out the entry form and details about the donut, including its name.

Sienna said she came up with Neapolitan Dream because the colors reminded her of the ice cream.

Her favorite donut?

“The maple ones,” she said.

They were all excited and surprised when they learned Sienna had been named a finalist.

“I was really proud of her for trying something new. Normally she’s really quiet and shy,” Bailey said.

Sienna wasn’t too disappointed about not coming in first, she was just excited about getting any prize, her mom said.

“I told her she should be proud of herself for making it as far as she did,” Bailey said.

What’s she going to buy with her gift card?

“Probably hot Cheetos,” she said.

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