Fireworks mean brush fire danger, and local fire department chiefs all say the same: Leave setting off fireworks to the professionals. 

When it comes to fireworks, local fire departments chiefs say the same: Leave it to the professionals.

Peter Ortega, Clifton Fire Department chief, said the most extensive damage he has seen done by fireworks resulted in people losing their home.

“Five years ago a house was set on fire during the parade,” said Ortega. “The house was a total loss."

Ortega said there are usually two or three brush fires started by fireworks during the Independence Day holiday week. He said the community may use sparklers, but no flying or shooting fireworks are allowed. 

 Acting Fire Chief for the Morenci Fire Department, Duane Turner, said he is especially concerned this year because there are no celebrations this year besides the official firework display for Morenci.

“We are having a late monsoon season and we haven’t gotten any rain,” said Turner. “Everyone is getting their own. It is definitely a big concern.”

Turner said there are usually two or three brush fires a night around the Fourth of July near Morenci.

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