Lucas E. Basteen

Lucas E. Basteen 

The way Lucas Basteen sees it, someone else could just have easily been named valedictorian of Duncan High School’s Class of 2020. He just happened to come out on top.

Throughout his entire four years at the school a handful of his 30-plus classmates also carried close to a 4.0 grade point average, he said. They talked about it often.

“It was never heated, it was like ‘However the cards fall,’” Basteen said.

That doesn’t mean he didn’t work hard, though.

“It had always been in my head that it would be pretty good to be named valedictorian,” Basteen said. “I just always wanted to keep my 4.0, my straight A’s. I just wanted to do as good as I could.”

He admits to passing up some social invitations over the years to finish his homework, but he still managed to have a lot of fun in high school. He played football, basketball and tennis, has played piano for nine years and loves using a lathe to make decorative bowls. He also goes hiking and hunting with friends.

What’s he play? Church hymns, classical pieces from the likes of Mozart, and ragtime - especially Scott Joplin.

“Ragtime is the funnest to play. It’s upbeat and it took me so long to learn so I have a sense of accomplishment,” Basteen said.

Once school wraps up, Basteen said he’ll likely spend the summer doing some farm work. He hopes that once COVID-19 slows down he’ll be able to serve his two-year mission for his church.

After that, he plans to head to Eastern Arizona Courier for an associate’s degree in engineering. Ultimately, he’d like to earn a bachelor’s degree in materials engineering.

While disappointed his senior year ended the way it did, there is one thing he’s not terribly too disappointed about -- he won’t have to give his valedictorian speech in front of his parents, John and Teri, and a bunch of other people.

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