Clifton Town Mayor Luis Montoya lifted the mandatory face covering proclamation Monday, but reminded residents individual businesses can still require face masks.

Montoya issued his proclamation on June 24, 2020.

In a notice he posted to Facebook, Montoya said the decision to rescind the face mask policy was made because the now “the community (is) in a position where cases are low and we can take additional steps to fully return to normal.”

He went on to say that everyone still needs to know that “that individual businesses and event organizers within the Town still have the option to continue to require masks, social distancing, and other preventive measures if they choose to do so. Additionally, businesses have the right to refuse services to anyone who doesn’t comply with their specific rules regarding COVID-19 mitigation strategies.”

The mayor thanked businesses, residents and visitors for adhering to the mandate.

“I also urge everyone to continue to exercise the effective habits we’ve learned so far on how to lessen the impact of the pandemic, including social distancing, good hygiene and mask wearing when distancing is difficult. Finally, I encourage everyone that is able and has not yet done so, to consider getting vaccinated as quickly as possible,” he said.

As of Monday evening, 580 Greenlee County residents have contracted COVID-19 since March 2020 and two residents are still battling the virus. Ten residents diagnosed with the illness have died.

Greenlee County health officials have credited mask-wearing with the county’s relatively low COVID-19 numbers.

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