A lot of tough guys lived in South AZ Territory. They had to be. The Apaches were not exactly a welcoming committee bearing baskets of good will. They would tolerate the intrusion of the white eyes, until it served their purpose to do otherwise. Then they would raid and kill. The most dangerous grounds lay between Nogales and Tubac, along the Santa Cruz river; Apache country; and home to Las Lagunas, the ranch owned by Pete Kitchen.

Pete settled in Az Territory in 1854. The soft-spoken Kentuckian with the wide sombrero came with his wife, Dona Rosa. The fertile river land appealed to him. His vision would construct a produce and hog-raising venue.

Scott Dyke is a Wyatt Earp historian, Western lecturer and researcher. He is a member of Western Writers of America. He can be reached at scottdyke65@gmail.com

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