Community garden

Volunteers worked to clear rock and other debris preparing the garden earlier this year.

CLIFTON — Work is almost complete on the Clifton Community Garden, and the last piece of the puzzle is the public.

The community garden will be opening Saturday to members of the Garden Club, with plenty of room for new gardeners as well.

“At 8 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 1, meet at the garden across from the FMI guest mansion to sign up, get your key, select your garden and be ready to get your hands in the soil. The site has been leveled, graded, fenced and irrigation is installed on-site. All you need to do is agree to abide with the bylaws, turn over the soil, remove any rocks, work in organic matter, extend the drip irrigation to your garden, plant the plants and seed of your choice, and last but not least, keep out the weeds. Mother Nature pretty much takes care of the rest,” club member Steve Ahmann said in a letter to the group.

He stressed that the group is not closed and is actively encouraging new gardeners to join its ranks.

“Once you taste the difference (of fresh fruit and vegetables), you will not want to return to your old food sources,” Ahmann said.

New members would also have the benefit of advice from fellow club members, including botanist Bill Cook who runs the Cooperative Extension’s master gardening program.

The opening of the Community Garden was thanks to the volunteer work and time of a number of individuals, who showed up early Saturday, July 23, to help move rocks and prepare the soil. As a result, the 12 volunteers will have the privilege of selecting their gardens first.

Those with an interest in having a plot of their own, or just want to know more about the Garden Club or Community Garden, should contact Ahmann at 928-865-2085.

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