Federal crimes per state

Federal crimes per state

PHOENIX — A study released this month paints Arizona in a bad light when it comes to prison sentencing, especially for immigrants.

The study published by Security.org looked at federal sentencing statistics across the country and ranked them in several categories.

“For this project, we evaluated data from the United States Sentencing Commission’s (USSC) 2017 Federal Sentencing Statistics,” The group wrote of its methodology in the study. “It presents crime sentencing statistics for different types of crime for all U.S. states and outlying areas. We decided to only focus on the 50 U.S. states. The national overviews and averages in this project are derived from the national tables provided by the USSC.”

It should then probably come as no surprise, as Arizona is a border state, it ranks third for immigration-based sentencing at 48.4 percent, higher than the national average of 30.8 percent.

Comparatively, the state is among the lowest for sentencing in the categories of white-collar crimes and crimes against persons.

Moreover, Arizona awards the shortest sentences for drug crimes and white-collar crimes.

“On a societal level, these data could potentially point out regions proactive in prosecuting certain crimes as well as states that are over-prosecuting them. By that same logic, this intel could shine a light on the leniency or harshness of various states for heinous or minor offenses,” Security.org wrote.

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