The community of Blue turned out in full force Saturday to celebrate the eighth grade graduations of three students, two of whom were robbed of a celebration last year due to the pandemic.

Vince Picozzi, Jamee Thompson and Colten Cheney received their certificates from teacher Ginger Cheney following a ceremony that provided a role to play for every single one of the school’s 10 students.

Each of the students provided guests a glimpse into the local history, educated them about the Bill of Rights and other amendments and about the country’s most famous memorials.

The guests, which even included a few watching via Zoom, were also treated to a slideshow of the last two year’s worth of events.

The students baked pies and bread for Veterans’ Day, were visted by Greenlee County Sheriff Tim Sumner, picked raspberries and made jam, caught wild turkeys with the Arizona Department of Game and Fish, explored a helicopter flown in by the Greenlee County Search and Rescue group, participated in a road cleanup project and visted the U.S. Forest Service’s Ranger Station. They were also treated to visits from the Greenlee County University of Arizona’s cooperative extension program a couple of times.

The graduates received words of advice from school board president Barbara Marks, Greenlee County Schools Superintendent Bryan Boling and Cheney.

Each of them were told they are loved, they are unique and they should “dream big and set lofty goals.”

After the ceremony everyone adjourned to feast at the home of Dustin and Crissy Blakley, whose four children and two nephews make up the majority of the school’s students.

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