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Clifton Mayor Luis Montoya

For the first time in at least eight years, the Town of Clifton is super close to having a plan that will help guide council members as they make crucial decisions on such things as land use, transportation and economic development.

For the past two years, council members have been working on a General Plan with town residents, said Mayor Luis Montoya. After several public meetings, the plan was adopted in April.

Now, the only thing for voters to do is ratify it during November’s general election. It’s listed as Proposition 400 on the ballot.

In addition to land use, economic development and transportation, the 112-page General Plan delves into growth areas, housing and beautification, recreation, making a healthy community, public facilities, water resources and environmental planning.

During the process, Montoya said the town spent a lot of time analyzing what the community has and needs.

At the end, Montoya said they came to realize that when it comes to land, they need to focus on filling in sections within the town limits since the town is “landlocked.”

“There are very few areas where we can have expansion of any kind because it’s either owned by the state or the company (Freeport-McMoRan),” Montoya said.

It was determined other areas were too cost prohibitive to pursue; there are no water or sewage systems, he said.

Council members and residents also agreed the town needs to explore the possibility of creating more recreation possibilities along the San Francisco River, Montoya said.

Graham County Supervisor Danny Smith shared how he was on a business trip in Grand Junction, Colo. when local leaders began to discuss their “String of Pearls” project. Three cities and a county came together to create a paved, recreational trail along the Colorado River, connecting several parks together, Montoya said.

“This plan will hopefully focus all of us. We’ll be able to concentrate on specific areas instead of having a shotgun approach,” he said.

The general plan has been posted on the town’s website for at least six months and no one has spoken ill of it, Montoya said. Hopefully, the proposition will pass without any issues, he said.

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