CLIFTON — This weekend saw the return of Greenlee County’s popular artistic endeavor, the Colors of Copper Art and Wine Gala.

Coupled together with the Fall Festival and on the heels of Harvest Fest earlier in the week, this year’s art show was more lively than ever and saw Chase Creek come to life in a street carnival of art and music.

“Whether you’re an eclectic collector, an art enthusiast or just want to show the kids some local culture and fine art, this is the premier event of the year,” organizer Jon Stacy said, speaking with the Copper Era last week.

This year’s event attracted 31 artists from across the region to compete across three categories of art. Living up to its reputation, the Colors of Copper featured its vibrant themes across a variety of styles from the comfort of traditional mediums to works of art that challenged convention.

Some art from the three-dimensional category protruded from the walls; others showed observable function, like tables or benches. There were a number of amazing pieces of art, but Antonson confided that one piece in particular had caught her eye: a beautiful painting titled “Fall Ruins” by Susan Mapes.

It was a three-dimensional category piece that took best of show, Robert Luria’s “Cornucopia of the Discarded,” a copper bucket spilling a dazzling trail of copper accoutrements.

“It’s been interesting getting here because we got a late start this year,” said the Greenlee Tourism Council’s Bette Antonson. “The Tourism Council decided to sponsor it this year, and we got Jon Stacy as our committee chairman. He was able to get 31 artists, and we have over 100 pieces of art. We’ve got three days of art, wine, beer and football going on.”

This year, the show added a third day with a craft beer event courtesy of III Counties Distributing, out of Safford.

Organizers said they are looking at moving to make the Colors of Copper its own entity and 501©3 nonprofit organization, independent of other organizing entities.

This year’s event was sponsored by Freeport-McMoRan, the Town of Clifton, Greenlee County, the Greenlee County Tourism Council and Arizona Complete Health.

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