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It doesn’t matter whether they’re decorating someone’s patio, strung up to celebrate a special event or encircle a Christmas tree, Brittani Wallace loves twinkle lights.

“They make me happy,” Wallace said.

With the holidays coming up, Wallace was thinking about her love of lights when it occurred to her that there might be people in Greenlee County who also love lights, but not be able to afford them.

So, she went on Facebook and asked if anyone was willing to donate Christmas twinkle lights and extension cords.

She’s received just as many donations as she has requests for lights, Wallace said.

She’s had such a response she’s even created a new Facebook page, Light Greenlee County, for people to share pictures of their newly decorated homes.

Although she normally has a pet peeve about decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, Wallace said this year people just need to have something to smile about.

Since her dad owns a construction company, she “grew up on ladders” and is happy to help people put up their lights, Wallace said. Of course, she’d be happy if other folks volunteered to help out as well.

As it turns out, Morenci, the Town of Clifton and the Duncan Valley Electrical Cooperative are all having decorating contests, too.

Wallace is a mother of three and wants her children to have great memories of growing up in a thriving community, she said.

Her grandparents live in Duncan and after her parents followed them, she and her husband did as well, Wallace said.

Her mom owns Town and Country Supply and together they organized Duncan’s Fourth of July and Halloween events this year, she said.

In addition to her light project, Wallace said they’re currently planning “Christmas on the Old West Highway” with help from the Town of Duncan.

On Dec. 12, families will be able to come out noon to 8 p.m. to visit local vendors, enjoy a car show, play games and enjoy food. There will also be a light parade and Nativity set up, she said.

Just as they did during their other events, Wallace said COVID-19 measures will be put into place to keep people safe.

“I think it will go as well as the other events,” she said.

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