Operation size

Morenci: 80 square miles

Morenci: 40 billion pounds produced over the last 140 years. In nine out of the last 11 years, they’ve produced 1 billion pounds per year.

Safford: 50 square miles

Safford: 250 million pounds per year.

Haul trucks

These trucks may look like they were designed to just haul ore, but there is a surprising amount of technology behind it. Their cameras gauge drivers’ eyes and can tell when they’re too tired to drive. Sensors in the shocks alert employees when the roads are in need of grading. There are sensors for just about every component of the truck, in fact. Freeport has a partnership with Empire and each haul truck is refurbished or rebuilt when needed.

Cost: $2.7 million-$3 million per vehicle

Capacity: 270 tons

Height with bed up: 43 feet

Height from the cab: 21 feet

Width: 24 feet

Length: 42 feet

Tires: 57-inch rims, $20,000 per tire, 45,000 average miles per tire,

Gas capacity: 1,000 gallons, refilled daily

Oil: Changed every 17,000 miles

Top speed: 33-35 mph when empty

Morenci: 125 haul trucks in operation, adding two per month. Seven are pulled into the garage daily for preventive maintenance.

Morenci: Number of hauls per day: 10-12 per truck.

Safford: 40 haul trucks in operation. Two trucks pulled into garage daily for preventive maintenance.

Safford: Number of hauls per day: 15-20 per truck.

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Cost: $12 million

Morenci: Eleven shovels in operation. Most Freeport locations have one to five in operation.

Safford: Six shovels in operation.


Freeport-McMoran invests millions of dollars in communities near their operations in Colorado, New Mexico and southeastern Arizona. Grants are distributed with the help of community leaders who identify projects that will help with education and workforce development, economic development and community resiliency, capacity and leadership, said Angie Harmon, social investment manager.

Every year, the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation provides mini-grants to teachers throughout Graham and Greenlee counties in addition to bigger grants to school districts for larger projects. The following is how much the Foundation has awarded to local school districts over the last 10 years.

• Solomon: $62,900

• Fort Thomas: $83,037

• Morenci: $214,362

• Pima: $258,380

• Thatcher: $335,512

• Safford: $431,939

• Duncan: $550,000

In addition, Freeport encourages its employees to donate to the United Way during an annual campaign and the company matches those donations. Over the last 10 years, Freeport has matched $12,583,158.

Sean Rickert, Pima Unified School District superintendent, said Freeport grants paid for the district’s governing board meeting room building, upgraded the elementary school district’s playground and helped countless teachers feel appreciated and supported.

Duncan Unified School District Superintendent Eldon Merrell said Freeport has helped the district’s vocational and technology programs by paying for extras that just weren’t in the district’s budget. Last year that included six new arc welders, six MIG and TIG welders, tables, hammers, gloves, pliers, booths, grinders and chop saws at the high school. Freeport also paid for an electrician to come in to re-do the wiring in the shop.


Freeport-McMoran formed a partnership with the Discovery Education “to pull back the curtain” and show 6th- through 12th-grade students and families what’s right in their backyard, Harmon said.

DigIntoMining.com offers activities for teachers, families and students to learn more about mining and how it affects their daily lives. Much of the video footage was filmed in Morenci.

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