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Greenlee County jail

Greenlee County’s jail inmates have been temporarily moved to the Graham County jail while some maintenance is being done.

Greenlee County Administrator Derek Rapier said Sheriff Tim Sumner and his staff suggested now would be the perfect time to perform some needed repairs on the 40-year-old jail for a variety of reasons.

Lately there have been fewer than a dozen inmates housed at the jail so it won’t cost a lot for the temporary transfer, Rapier said. In addition, because the jail is so short-handed many detention officers haven’t been able to use their vacation time and this will allow them to do so.

There’s another benefit as well, Rapier said. The county has been contemplating whether it should build a new facility, remodel the existing facility or send inmates to another facility outside the county.

“This will give us an opportunity to do a dry run,” Rapier said.

The inmates, whose medical information was shared with Graham County, are expected to be back in Greenlee County by the end of the year.

According to a news release, the jail will remain staffed 24/7 for new bookings, answering calls, fingerprinting and other administrative duties. Inmates will also continue to be taken to their court appointments.

Anyone with questions is urged to call 928-865-4159 or email Commander Tyler Attaway at

To contact inmates or send them money, visit

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