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Driving through Greenlee County, have you spotted something you think might be dangerous should there be a flood or wildfire, but could be addressed before the worst happens? Local officials want to hear about it.

Every five years, Greenlee County is required to update its existing Greenlee County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan, said Clifton Town Manager Rudy Perez. The purpose of the plan is to reduce long-term risks to life and property, such as buildings, roads and other infrastructure, from natural hazard events.

“In order to leverage our resources, the Town of Clifton and the Town of Duncan decided to all contribute,” to the plan, Perez said.

Throughout the process, officials will identify the natural hazards most likely to occur, assess how the vulnerable each community is to these hazards and establish goals, actions, and projects that can help lower the risk, Perez said.

By updating the plan, the county and towns will remain eligible for non-emergency, federal and state hazard mitigation grants, he said.

County and town officials are required to invite residents to participate in the update both while it’s being developed and after the first draft is written, Perez said. The plan must ultimately be approved by the Greenlee County Board of Supervisors and the town councils in Duncan and Clifton, Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs and FEMA.

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