MHS TV & Film Class

Kristine Marino and her TV and Film class students pose for a photo after learning about the newspaper industry.

MORENCI — Last week in Greenlee County, students from Morenci High School were able to catch a glimpse into the life of a newspaper reporter.

The Copper Era was invited to speak with the senior students of Kristine Marino’s TV and film class about the work and function of a reporter in the community.

The class learned about everything from the different types of stories covered in a local newspaper, to the skills required for the job and how to maintain relations with the community.

For the final part of the class the students had an opportunity to put their skills to the test and conduct their own interview with their teacher using some of the information they had learned, and the Copper Era recorded the results.

Brady Friend: “Mrs. Marino, I’m going to ask you a couple of questions today if you’re OK with answering them; this is being recorded. So far, with your time in this town, what do you think is the best place to eat around here?”

Marino: “That is, based on my love of dessert, I’d have to say PJ’s just because of the pies. They have the best pies. My friend was out from Tucson last week and said that it’s better than what they have in Tucson.”

Ramsay Shank: “Mrs. Marino, I’m going to take off where Brady left off. What brought you to Morenci?”

Marino: “A job. I accepted this position at the high school. I liked the mix of classes I was going to teach and also thought it would be a good change.”

Ernesto Talavera: “I’m going to be continuing the interview. Do you have any kids?”

Marino: “No, I do not.”

Ernesto Talavera: “What is your favorite sport?”

Marino: “Anything to do with aquatics is a favorite sport of mine, then hockey, gymnastics and basketball.”

Ernesto Talavera: “Why do you like these sports? What drew you to them?”

Marino: “Hockey and basketball? They’re fast paced. Gymnastics are awesome to watch. With swimming, I’ve been swimming my entire life, so that’s why it’s still one of my favorites, just a personal relationship with aquatic sports.”

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