A 47-year-old probationer who missed his probation appointment Thursday morning is now in even more trouble after getting drunk and firing a weapon he wasn’t supposed to have, according to Greenlee County Sheriff Tim Sumner.

The Greenlee County Sheriff’s Office received a call around 10 a.m. Thursday notifying deputies that Steven Quiroz had left his home in a highly agitated and intoxicated state after missing his appointment with his probation officer, Sumner said.

The deputies were told that Quiroz was armed and had stated he was not going back to prison, Sumner said.

The sheriff said he and his deputies had hoped to see if the probation officer or a Quiroz family member could talk Quiroz into surrendering, but while on their way to the McCarty Flat area of Duncan they received two reports that Quiroz had fired his revolver.

Upon their arrival, they learned Quiroz had run off into the desert and they began to track him, Sumner said.

Eventually, they found Quiroz passed out behind some cacti and took him into custody without incident, he said.

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Family members had told them midway through the search that after firing the weapon Quiroz had thrown the gun into some bushes and they’d retrieved it, Sumner said.

It appears as though Quiroz, who, as a convicted felon isn’t allowed to possess weapons, fired the gun into a board on the ground, Sumner said. The revolver was missing three bullets, however, although it’s unknown when the other two were fired.

After being checked out by paramedics, Quiroz was booked into the jail. He’s facing a prohibited possession charge and a disorderly conduct charge, Sumner said. The probation department will likely seek to revoke his probation too.

Sumner said he doesn’t know what Quiroz was on probation for.

The sheriff said he is proud of how his department handled the incident and is relieved no one was injured.

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