Voter Registration

PHOENIX — More than 100,000 new Arizona voters registered over the past six months.

That’s according to the latest data released by the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office.

In Greenlee County, there are nearly 100 new voters registered, while Graham’s registered voters climbed by more than 600.

“We have several upcoming elections this year, so now is the perfect time for Arizonans who are eligible to vote to either register or update their voter registration,” Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said.

There are 4,735 registered voters in Greenlee County as of January and 19,136 registered voters in Graham.

Democrats remain the dominant party in Greenlee County, with 1,805 registered Democrats. However, the Democratic Party continues to decline in Greenlee, falling from 1,836 in July last year and 1,826 in October.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Greenlee have posted gains in each of the last three reporting periods, climbing from 1,467 in July to 1,502 in October and 1,538 in January 2020. Independents continue to increase as well, growing from 1,332 in October to 1,353 in January.

Democrats, Republicans and independents all posted gains in Graham County. Democrats climbed from 5,259 in October to 5,268 in January, independents climbed from 4,685 in October to 4,771 in January7, and Republicans grew from 8,891 in October to 8,999 in January.

Nearby Cochise County, which is included in Legislative District 14 with Greenlee and Graham counties, has 74,720 registered voters, 29,507 Republicans, 19,771 Democrats and 24,868 independents.

Statewide, there are 1.23 million registered Democrats, 1.36 million registered Republicans and 1.3 million independents.

Democratic voters participating in the Presidential Preference Election on March 17 have until Feb. 18 to register. The Republican Party is not participating in the presidential primary.

David Bell contributed to this report.

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