Tom O'Halleran

U.S. Rep. Tom O’Halleran, D-Ariz., volunteers to prepare meals that are delivered to homebound seniors through SEACUS’ Meals on Wheels program.

Looking closely at the cross cut of a tree, one will notice there are rings. Some are close together signaling times of drought. Others further apart, signaling times of plenty. Much like an old tree, many seniors have weathered the storms of life and still stand as a testimony of the strength and endurance of America.

SEACUS goes into the homes of seniors to provide support. We are there to listen, to take care of them, to give them dignity. Everyone deserves to be clean, to have a shower, to have food and to have clean clothes.

Giving to Southeastern Arizona Community Unique Services helps honor the lives of the elders in our community who have already given of themselves, their talents and their resources.

Seniors seen in day-to-day life have already given so much of themselves. The fragile figures now seen once stood proudly as soldiers fighting for the freedom of their country. Stood staunchly as leaders in their communities, unmoved by what was popular or trendy, and stood instead for what was right. Stood like giants among the children they cared for gently, and protected fiercely. And many seniors give of themselves diligently today serving their communities through volunteerism.

SEACUS is a local private nonprofit that has been supporting seniors in the Gila Valley since 1976. The mission is to improve the quality of life for seniors in Graham and Greenlee counties through education and activity, family caregiver support, and quality compassionate home care.

SEACUS’ goals are:

• To give our aging and disabled community members the option to live in their homes safely, while maintaining their independence and dignity

• To support families facing the challenges of providing care for aging loved ones

• To engage active seniors in activities encouraging health, wellness, chronic disease management, and volunteerism

• To protect vulnerable adults through community education and advocacy

We care

SEACUS is dedicated to improving the quality of life of seniors in the community. Services currently meet the needs of more than 250 seniors in Graham and Greenlee counties.

Pfizer reported that being alone comes third on the list of things that scare people the most about growing old. SEACUS mobilized 33 senior volunteers last year who put in 4,758 volunteer hours working on projects. Volunteers delivered 37,149 Meals on Wheels in Graham and Greenlee counties; and delivered 1,014 food boxes to homebound seniors through a partnership with The Food Bank of Southern Arizona.

For more information about SEACUS call 928-428-3229 or log on to Or like SEACUS on Facebook to see what’s happening with seniors in the community.

SEACUS is one of the eight nonprofit organizations that make up the Graham Greenlee Tax Credit Coalition. Donations to a qualified charitable organization can be claimed on one’s Arizona tax filing, up to $400 for individuals and up to $800 for couples filing jointly. For every dollar contributed, the donor’s Arizona tax liability is reduced by a dollar.

The Graham Greenlee Tax Credit Coalition is being administered by Arizona Community Foundation of the Gila Valley and includes Tooth B.U.D.D.S., Boys & Girls Club of the Gila Valley, SEACUS Meals on Wheels, Graham County Rehabilitation Center, Mt. Graham Safehouse, Our Neighbors Farm & Pantry and Canyonlands Healthcare.

To learn more or to donate go to

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