Robert Karp

State Senate candidate Robert Karp will begin his 2020 campaign with a visit to the Greenlee County Democrats this month.

CLIFTON — The election season officially kicks off this month when the January meeting of the Greenlee County Democrats host a candidate for LD 14.

On Thursday, Jan. 9, state Senate candidate Bob Karp will be the guest speaker at the local Democrats meeting at the Clifton Train Station at 4:30 p.m.

“Please bring a dish if you can so that we can start this election year off right. We welcome new Democrats in the community as well as local Democratic candidates to join us,” Greenlee Democratic Chair Susan Breen said. “Folks can come sign (Karp’s) petition, give him $5 (he’s running ‘clean’) and hear why he’s running.”

Karp previously ran for state Representative in LD 14 in 2018, losing to Republicans Gail Griffin and Becky Nutt.

In a 2018 interview with the Eastern Arizona Courier and Copper Era Karp told readers at the time that the issues he saw in LD 14 were addressing economic development and education in rural counties.

“There’s got to be steps going forward that say, ‘Yes, we know the rural counties are falling further behind; what can we do at the state level to help counties create their own development zones?’ ” he said.

Karp will face incumbent Republican David Gowan in the 2020 election. Thus far, no other candidates from either party have announced an intention to run.

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