Steve Ahmann

Chairman Steve Ahmann weighs the importance of public input for the future of Greenlee County.

YORK — At the annual meeting of the Greenlee County Tourism Council, the timeless question was asked, “What comes next?”

For newly elected Chairman Steve Ahmann, it’s a question too big for any one person to address. A public survey, he said, is the best way to gather input from the citizens of Greenlee.

“Since what we’re undertaking will become our reality, be careful what you wish for,” he said, citing other Arizona destinations such as Tombstone and Sedona.

The survey asks participants what kind of services and establishments they feel they are most likely to make use of and how often. For entertainment there are options for nightclubs and microbreweries, and a host of more practical options in retail (electronic sales, bookstores), services (taxi, catering, financial planning) and health services (medical/dental).

Ahmann acknowledged that there are some residents who resist change but reasoned that growth is the only outcome for a healthy community.

The council will be utilizing a number of vehicles to distribute the survey to residents, including social media. 2018 meeting dates remain in flux for the tourism council, but the March meeting is scheduled to be held March 15.

Also in his report to members, Ahmann praised former Chairman Adam Cox’s leadership, saying, “Adam wanted to ‘Keep it rolling along’, and he certainly accomplished what he set out to do.”

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