Blue River fire

Map of the Blue River fire

SPRINGERVILLE — The state isn’t out of the woods yet as the wildfire season continues to see blazes blossom across the state from storm activity.

Of two fires burning in the Alpine District of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, one was swiftly contained,

while the other is being managed by fire officials as of July 4.

The Coleman fire received its final update upon reaching 100-percent containment last week. The lightning-caused fire burned 990 acres of timber and shortgrass, and smoke may continue to impact the area of U.S. Highway 191 in the community of the Blue.

Meanwhile the Blue River fire at 340 acres was at 10-percent containment with forest officials watching the situation.

“Minimal activity was observed on the Blue River fire on Wednesday. Fire managers are monitoring this fire and are prepared to take action if private or public assets are threatened,” the Forest Service wrote. “This low-intensity fire is being managed to reintroduce fire into the ecosystem, restore natural fire regimes and remove excess fuels, thus reducing the risk of a more severe, high-intensity wildfire later.”

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