Winter weather

AccuWeather is predicting a wetter than normal winter for the desert Southwest.

CLIFTON — It has been a disappointing monsoon season for Arizonans, but according to one company, relief may trickle in.

AccuWeather released its special report on the 2019 winter forecast last week, and the rain missing from the typical regional rainy season might be spaced out over the coming months, according to projections.

“A cool, unsettled pattern is in store for the Southwest and California this season,” the group wrote in a media release.

“At times, these areas could also see back-and-forth conditions, between some periods of dry weather and some active weather in the early winter, which is not really typical,” Paul Pastelok, an expert long-range forecaster with AccuWeather said.

California, he predicted may avoid drought conditions in the coming year, thanks to it.

“I think they will get ample snowfall, just enough that will fill those reservoirs up in the spring and early summer. It’s the late summer, of course, that becomes more critical,” he said.

2019 has been a less than banner year for moisture in Arizona and is currently listed as one of the driest monsoon seasons on record. The hope for winter moisture will be crucial in avoiding a particularly brutal spring and summer season, where wildfire dangers loom large.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac long-range weather forecast for the area predicts a warm November with scattered showers throughout the month. The predicted precipitation for the desert Southwest is 2 inches in October — 1 inch more than average — and 1 inch in November.

Track the monthly precipitation amounts online through the Arizona State Climate Office at

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