Steve Ahmann

Steve Ahmann displays bags of crisp, natural kale picked just that morning at the community garden. Three minutes in the microwave along with a massage of olive oil and seasoning, and you have a delicious batch of kale chips, Ahmann said.

CLIFTON — Calling all volunteers; the Clifton Community Garden is having a work party this weekend.

Starting Saturday, June 10, at 6:30 a.m., workers will be constructing around eight raised garden planters in the solid rock garden section.

“The raised planters will be used by our Health Department in order to plant a pumpkin patch,” Community Garden member Steve Ahmann said, speaking with the Copper Era. “They have tried, unsuccessfully, for the last three years, to give local youth free pumpkins. So, we are going to try and give them everything they need to get the job done.”

Work will continue until either complete or the weather is too hot to continue. Several gardeners will be starting earlier in the week in order to increase the chances that work will be completed on time.

For more information about the community garden in Clifton, or to volunteer, call Ahmann at 928-865-2085.

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