Master Gardener

Master Gardener

DUNCAN — Ever wondered when is the best time to fertilize or prune? Or how often or how much to water in the winter? When to control insects or disease?

The next class in the Greenlee County Master Gardener Program will answer those questions and more.

Here in the Southwest, a calendar approach to these activities is seldom accurate, due to variations in the weather from one year to the next. For best results the approach is to plan these activities around temperatures of air and soil, moisture levels and the plants’ life stages.

What it boils down to is working with nature to get the most production, and it’s easier than one might think.

To learn these many factors and how they affect timing, join the next Greenlee County Master Gardener Program class Saturday, Nov. 16, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Extension Office, 1684 Fairgrounds Road, in Duncan. There will be a short break for lunch and conversation.

Cost of the workshop is $10 to the general public and is included in tuition paid by those enrolled in the Greenlee County Master Gardener Program.

For more information call 928-359-2261 or e-mail

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