The “Russian hoax,” as President Trump calls it, is beginning to be seen for what it really was — an actual politically contrived plot to wreck an election campaign and ultimately remove the new president.

The guilty plea of an FBI officer for lying to a court in order to obtain information the Obama Administration allegedly had on candidate Trump in 2016, looks to be the opening act of what could turn out to be a very messy and revealing narrative, exposing senior ranking members of the FBI and Obama Justice Dept.

Corruption at the highest levels of government.

FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith’s bogus information on a FISA Court application took a long time to be revealed. Many months of investigation finally led to Clinesmith’s involvement in the caper and his eventual guilty plea.

According to Wikipedia, “The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is a U.S. federal court established and authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to oversee requests for surveillance warrants against foreign spies inside the United States by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.”

Supposedly, the Russians were helping Trump rig the 2016 presidential election against Hillary Clinton and a way to demonstrate this was to seek permission from the FISA Court to allow the Department of Justice to investigate and expose information that Russian operatives were secretly involved. The claim of “foreign spies” entanglement was the excuse the FBI used to obtain the FISA warrant.

Apparently, FBI lawyer Clinesmith falsified the required information in order to convince the court to approve the warrant.

His ruse worked, the court granted the warrant and the FBI and Justice Department began releasing to the media information it claimed exposed the Trump-Russia connection.

Only problem, the scam was based upon semi-fictitious documentation. There wasn’t any Trump-Russian collusion, but the con was nursed into a two-year national scandal. The “Mueller Report” eventually concluded it could not establish, with absolute certainty, that President Trump was involved in such a clandestine criminal act.

Within the thousand-page U.S. Senate “Report of the Select Committee in the 2016 U.S. election,” it was revealed “The Committee found no reliable evidence that information of benefit to the (Trump) Campaign was transmitted at the meeting, or that then candidate Trump had foreknowledge of the meeting. Participants on both sides of the meeting were ultimately disappointed with how it transpired” (p. viii).

So, who is this Clinesmith guy; an actual actor in the Trump conspiracy probe, or an exposed FBI employee willing to make a deal in order to lessen an impending prison sentence?

Congressman Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican, explained on Newsmax TV’s “Saturday Report,” Aug. 15, 2020. “Now, the only reason other than trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug — the only other reason Clinesmith would have waited this long to be forced into pleading guilty for something that he clearly did, there’s no question, is if he has been ready to testify against those above him.”

Gohmert continued “It was all about trying to create this fictional Russian hoax and make people believe it. Some still do.”

“But it doesn’t change the fact it was the biggest lie, the biggest abuse of the Justice Department, intelligence agencies, State Department, Defense Department, and all of these groups that were used as a weapon to try to defeat a candidate and they have a coup” Gohmert concluded.

President Barack Obama had to have been aware of the situation, since he was the highest official in the country with access to information from every department of government. With an exposed scandal of this magnitude, there is absolutely no way he could not have known what was going on.

Ditto for Joe Biden, Obama’s vice president. If he insists he wasn’t “in the loop,” then maybe it’s time to look into why he would make such a statement.

The Number Two individual in the administration is generally as cognizant of a situation as the president. With only a couple of months remaining before the people decide if he should be president, it might be a good idea to know if he had knowledge of this crime and when did he learn of it?

Clinesmith may be the first domino to topple. If he flips and begins revealing involvement of additional high-ranking government officials, this whole nasty affair could turn into a scandal the size of which the country hasn’t seen in many decades.

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