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In 1977, NBC gave Richard Pryor a TV special, which led to a short-lived TV show. The brilliant comedian used the opportunity to address the issue of race, which probably led to the show’s cancellation after just four episodes.

Ever since Donald Trump winged into Colorado to speak to the 2019 class of the Air Force Academy, I’ve tried to put myself in the well-shined shoes of those cadets.

Six years ago, 19 members of the Granite Mountain firefighting team were tragically killed fighting the Yarnell Hill fire near Prescott. Our state, the community and their families will never forget the loss of these heroes who died to keep us safe.

I’ve been thinking about the concept of universal child care ever since a chance encounter with a mother I’ll refer to as Suzy and her youngster whom I’ll call Blake.

I don’t know the 17th-century conditions that caused British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli to describe conservative government as “organized hypocrisy.” I do know what it means in the 21st century.

Bill O’Reilly, once the most powerful voice on cable TV, has been largely absent from public view for two years following revelations that he paid some $50 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuits. Yet, O’Reilly’s signature — a segment he called “The Memo” — continues to have an unfortun…

Joe Biden did Donald Trump a huge favor when he announced his presidential run with a campaign ad that featured the tragedy of Charlottesville as a central theme. I don’t think he meant to, because the obvious intention was to paint the current occupant of the White House as a racist who thi…