We have no idea who won the presidential election.

We’re writing this on Monday, and the national nightmare has yet to end. But, in the spirit of healing, let us say congratulations to all our Democrat/Republican friends on the win by Clinton/Trump. We’re sure she/he will move past the vitriol of the campaign and unite the country.

Yeah, right.

Anyway . . . let’s move on to something really important: Daylight Saving Time.

Can we please get Arizona on board and start changing the clocks? Pretty please with sprinkles on top?

We understand Daylight Saving Time is kind of like a rotary phone at this point — it’s a novelty that’s fun to joke about but serves no real purpose. Yes, moving the clocks ahead one hour in the spring helps people better utilize sunlight, especially for outdoor activities, but it’s not like farmers are unable to work without Sol staying in the sky an extra hour.

And we understand that moving the clocks back an hour in the fall really messes with people. Trust us — workers in the East and Midwest got a whole lot grumpier Monday when they realized they went in to work in the dark and it was dark when they came back out.

But . . .

Arizona really needs to get with the program and join the rest of the nation in making the change. It’s hard enough trying to do business on the East Coast without changing the time difference twice each year.

“Wait. Are you two hours behind us or three? You know? Never mind, we’ll go with a company in New Mexico.”

Arizona already entertains the rest of the country by routinely electing impeachable governors and other politicians so lacking in common sense we wonder how they managed to dress themselves each day.

Then there are the obvious unconstitutional laws we love to pass, especially if we can discriminate against a social group. And the fact that we treat the federal government like some kind of foreign occupying force, and act as if the local forest ranger is suddenly going to require area residents to pray to Vishnu.

And let us not forget “America’s toughest sheriff,” who has cost his constituents millions of dollars in lawsuits, is accused of using his office for political revenge and is continually found to have run afoul of the very law he’s supposed to uphold.

Seriously, Arizona needs to stop being the nation’s drunk uncle.

We’re not saying that changing the clocks will suddenly make Arizona the country’s intellectual Garden of Eden. Let’s face it, that will never happen as long as Colorado City, Chloride and Meadview are still part of the state. But changing the clocks will be the first step in getting the state on a level playing field when doing business with the rest of the nation.

A baby step, to be sure, but it’s a step that’s long overdue.

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