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Sarah Keith has been named the new publisher for Eastern Arizona Courier, Copper Era and Arizona Range News newspapers by Wick Communications.

I hope each of you take the time to read our “Super Heroes of Graham and Greenlee counties” magazine, highlighting those who have helped build and sustain our wonderful communities. Now we want to hear from you about other, perhaps lesser-known folks in the community, who have influenced or helped you.

We would like to honor people who have sparked a “feel good” moment in your life. We are looking for those who stand out in their personal lives, not just their job. People who care and take action, without thought of recognition.

Last year, a young man by the name of Luis Redondo was honored in one of our sister papers. Luis drove past a man he didn’t know every day walking a very long distance to and from work in the blistering heat of our Arizona summer. One day, after asking around the community, Luis learned this man had no car, but was determined to get to work to support himself and his mother. Luis took it upon himself to raise funds and, with the help of the community, came together to buy his newly-found friend a car. With a growing family himself, it was no easy task, but Luis is just that type of guy. He knew he would be able to make a huge difference in this person’s life for the better. Luis is a prime example of the type of person we are looking to highlight.

The honoree could be someone who volunteers at a local organization, fire department, school or church that has positively impacted your life. Someone who volunteers their time to visit seniors who have no family nearby, assists veterans in need or is an advocate for them. Someone that helps encourage or raise funds for local students for continued education and after-school activities or sports. A doctor, lawyer, teacher or counselor that has helped you or someone you know through a tough time. Someone who started or works for a nonprofit or outreach program that betters the community as a whole. The honoree may also be someone who has since passed, but has left an imprint on your life. The possibilities are endless as to who has helped you, a neighbor, a child or the community over the years.

We will be publishing a special section in April honoring these individuals, telling their stories and we need to hear from you!

Readers Survey

As our valued readers, we want to hear from you. Please take a moment to fill out the survey below. - Thank you, Eastern Arizona Courier

Just send us the name, a little background information and your story of why you are nominating this individual by April 14.

Don’t forget to include an email address and/or phone number of your nominee so we can let them know they will be honored as one of Graham and Greenlee counties Most Influential People. Send your nominations to me, publisher Sarah Keith, at

Remember, the nominee doesn’t necessarily have to be a high profile person or hold a high position in the community – we want to hear about the everyday good neighbors and community members who help better lives in our communities and make them great places to live.

Cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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