All Republicans and Americans must speak up now.

Republicans for Integrity, composed of former Republican Members of Congress, was organized after Trump took office. We anticipated the damage he would do. Knowing that he cares only about himself, we have spoken out about him, his congressional enablers and our alarm over the current Republican Party.

One year ago, we and other former Republican Members of Congress took to newspapers in Arizona and around the country to make the legal case to impeach Donald Trump.

Our argument was Republican Senators must put country over party and remove him from office to avoid further damage to our nation’s constitutional republic.

Sadly, the only Republican Senator to stand up for America’s values then was Mitt Romney of Utah, to whom the Republican Party owes gratitude.

After Trump’s acquittal by his Senate Republican enablers, did he “learn his lesson?”


Instead, Trump went on to wreak further damage on our nation’s constitutional republic, and the damage was worse than anyone could have imagined:

  • A passive, ineffective response to the pandemic that has killed more than 370,000 Americans
  • A directive to incapacitate the U.S. Postal Service, thus jeopardizing mail-in ballots.
  • An attempt to subvert the will of America’s voters by filing meritless [and dare we say, frivolous] lawsuits in six swing states, then attempting to convince state legislatures to overturn the certified and audited election results, then by placing calls to state election supervisors seeking “just 11,000 votes” to carry out an illegal interference in election results.
  • A doubling down on inflammatory rhetoric, exhorting his white supremacist followers to “stand back and stand by,” and leveraging his now-suspended Twitter account to spread messages of division and hate.

Trump again attempted to overturn the election by inciting a mob to storm the joint session of Congress where electoral votes were being counted.

The “MAGA Mob” desecrated the seat of American democracy, resulting in the deaths of at least five people.

Trump watched the chaos unfold on television. He made no attempt to stop them, no calling for reinforcements to assist beleaguered law enforcement officers, no effort to protect our nation’s elected officials.

Trump did nothing!

This turned into one of the darkest days in America’s history.

America’s reputation as the world’s beacon of democracy is in tatters and illustrates the danger of an angry Donald Trump.

Since the desecration, Trump has only become more bitter at losing the election, and is unstable to the extent that Twitter had to ban his account to prevent him from further incitement.

An unfit man who still possesses the full powers of the presidency. This is a recipe for potential disaster.

This is why I support any and all efforts to remove Donald Trump from office. He is a clear and present danger to this country’s security and well-being.

If the House votes to impeach Trump, we call upon all Senators to convict him immediately. And, we support invoking the 25th Amendment.

If he chooses to resign, GREAT! Then we can immediately begin to restore integrity and honor to our federal government.

Time is up!

Claudine Schneider, who served as a Republican United States Congresswoman and David Durenberger, who served as a Republican United States Senator, are founding members of Republicans for Integrity which brings together Republican former Members of Congress who place “people before partisan politics.”

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