It was with great surprise that I read your headline of September 29 that a recall petition had been taken out against Sheriff Sumner. In the interest of full disclosure, I will say we know Tim Sumner personally but not the former Duncan mayor who is spearheading the recall effort.

While I cannot speak to the issue of monitoring speeds and speeding (and the technological difficulties) I have never observed any Sheriff’s vehicle being driven in an unsafe manner. I CAN attest to the difficulties of following the speed limit. As one who makes the slightly hazardous crossing at the 3-Way intersection, just to pick up mail, I APPRECIATE the extra margin the slower speed limit gives me there. My own TINY, citizen’s effort to “lead by example”, making every effort to be at 35 MPH before approaching the 3-Way intersection from Clifton, often seems to irritate drivers intent on rushing home.

Professionally, I have observed Sheriff Sumner handle a potentially contentious water meeting with both strength and tact. He interceded to be certain all parties listened respectfully and that their rights of expression (and video recording) were maintained.

As for deputy turnover, having read almost 30 years of Board of Supervisors’ minutes, this is NOT new. It has been reported by every sheriff, as far back as I read, and seems more related to the highly competitive job market than to any one individual.

I sincerely hope this recall effort, while a respected right, fails utterly.

Jean Schwennesen,


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