As a long-time resident of your valley, Mr. Dave Goddard gives “thanks” to all of his friends and family members.

Dave, my brother and a long time resident of the York Valley, died Oct. 1

He would like you to know that the most important part of his life is that he is “born again” spiritually and now is on the grand adventure with Almighty God. He did not fear the dying of his old body as it was causing him a lot of trouble recently. His wish is for all who read this is to please consider the statements of Jesus in his Gospels, especially John 3:16 and 14:6.

Dave was not a joiner of organizations, etc. But his life was full and varied. He was a Purple Heart veteran of Vietnam, a private and commercial agriculture pilot, a core driller as well as a hard rock miner and he drove haul trucks for many years at the mine.

An upbringing in a North Dakota ranch contributed to his work ethics as well as his love of the outdoors and his faith.

To all his family and friends he reminds us that life is a road with many winding turns and now he can say without a doubt our welfare is of his concern and we can join in saying “it is well with our souls.” Dave said to think on this and be joyful.

God bless and most sincerely,

Jeff Goddard

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