In this virus-ridden society when more of us are keeping closer to home and being inundated with politics, we would do well to consider a few facts without getting too sarcastic.

How can it be that our nation has as its motto, “In God We Trust” when in 1962, it officially removed Him from our huge public educational system? (Some of us remember that day.) The Civil Rights acts of those years then, and most especially in 1972, only show the sad hypocrisy of this nation.

Nobody can say from their heart that they trust in God and not demonstrate it in one way or another. He left us with just the two commands that we are to love him with all of our hearts, souls and minds — then to love others as ourselves. When we say we trust in God and can’t show it, then we are liars and the truth just isn’t in us.

In conclusion then, do we even care enough to study for ourselves God’s book (ideally a version not copyrighted) because the enemy is more subtle and evil than we realize as it is so easy to be dumbed-downed by the system. So how have we been doing as a nation of individuals — a nation of the people, by the people, for the people?


Jeff Goddard,


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