We get it. The Presidency is an important position of immense power. Voting in that election is vital and shouldn’t be skipped.

Just realize that this one election is minimal in terms of our individual effect on it.

Americans are obsessed with which direction the train engine of national politics is headed. Take a step back and examine how much difference we actually make on Washington D.C. It takes immense influence to even budge that Leviathan.

To change a nation-wide policy means voting people into the House and Senate to write bills; we’re off to a slow start. The President has to sign it into law; good luck with that. The Supreme Court can’t take action until a dispute arises; count the years go by.

Where is our energy better directed? At the state and local levels. All the signs around town for county-level positions give me great hope. Those are positions we can impact.

Look into your own life and ask yourself what one thing would improve your current well-being. If it’s something from the federal government, how likely are you going to receive that help? How quickly will it come? How can you possibly impact that department or program?

The truth is, we are our own first responders. When a change needs making, we are usually in the best position to do so ourselves.

So yes. Vote in the national election. And instead of fretting over it by binging the news, go do some self-improvement. Those results are more immediate, and more satisfying.

Alek Miller, Morenci

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