U.S. House of Representative’s Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), antics following her visit to an up-scale San Francisco hair salon has stirred a hornet’s nest. Seems she just can’t manage to stop stumbling over her self-inflicted blunders.

Now, hair salon owners and stylists are staging their own protests in response to Nancy’s comments after her encounter with a local salon proprietor.

Recently, Pelosi was caught on camera inside a salon which was supposed to have been closed due to California’s oppressive COVID-19 restrictions. At the time, only outdoor services were approved by the state. However, a salon employee apparently allowed Nancy to enter the establishment, disregarding state mandates prohibiting it.

Adding to the controversy, Nancy was not wearing the required face mask, a definite California no-no, and a subject Pelosi has often been a cheerleader for. When appearing before the press she seems to have a different mask for every calendar day, but for some unexplained reason during her hair appointment session she failed to have one on.

When the salon’s security video was leaked to the public, Nancy became unglued, flailing her hands and crying out “I was set up. I was set up by the salon owner.”

Instead of calmly admitting her mistake, she launched into a rant, criticizing the owner’s trustworthiness and how her own integrity had been impugned. As a result of the uproar, several San Francisco salons within Nancy’s congressional district have participated in what is being called the “Blow Dryer Rebellion;” a reaction to the “salon-gate” incident.

Several news sources have reported there is a tree near Nancy’s home which has been decorated with blow dryers and other hair accessories as a protest of her behavior toward beauticians and salon owners.

A rather innocent civil demonstration by today’s standards. A few combs, brushes, hair dryers, and curling irons dangling from tree branches is a distant comparison to burning and looting entire city blocks of numerous communities.

According to the American Thinker, Sept. 4, issue — a daily online magazine — the protest is “the work of angry hairstylists, who have been forced to pay a disproportionate price for COVID, as have gyms, churches, small nonessential businesses, schools, restaurants, bars, and other small fry — and stay closed, pretty much forever, until the last COVID goes away.”

Seems a bit ironic that a backlash to excessive government mandates is being fostered by a bunch of hair dressers whose only wish is to return to work in order to support themselves and family. We’ve seen comparable incidents in Texas, Michigan and several other places where barbers and hair salon stylists have refused to remain closed, opened their doors and risked prosecution.

A salon owner in Texas was actually arrested, fined several thousand dollars and ordered to jail before the Texas Supreme Court intervened and reversed the sentencing judge’s order.

Progressive lunacy spinning out of control at hyper speed.

All of which shows “Hell hath no fury like a woman in need of a wash, dry and set.” Even Nancy Pelosi has experienced this fact of nature — though not as gracefully as others.

Mike Bibb lives in Safford.

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