Mt. Graham averaging 7 COVID-19 patients per day

"It's a shame everybody won't get vaccinated," Pauline Shurtz

"With 99.9% survival rate," Shelly Wilson

Duncan teens win honors after building Mars space settlement

"Many thanks to the Courier for recognizing the accomplishments of these amazing kids," Dustie Robinette

"Paula Sweetser, your sweet girl is so talented and famous!" Lisa Bigelow

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Ducey sticking to his guns despite Biden administration

"So awesome. Love Ducey and the way he protects his people. He's a great leader," Amanda Hestand

"Thank you. It's nice to have a governor stand up for our rights. If we cave to mask and vaccine mandates who knows what's next? Biden has been a disaster from Day 1," Hanna Keir

"This Arizonan stands with Governor Ducey," Judy Alexander

"Stand strong Ducey. Our freedoms and liberties are at stake," Darlyne Moore

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