Georgina Misener

Georgina Misener was taken into custody and charged with the murder of Matthew Misener on Feb. 10.

A Tucson resident arrested in February in the connection with the shooting death of a Safford man will be spending more than 33 years in prison after pleading guilty Wednesday to second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit aggravated assault.

According to court documents, Eduardo Montano Jr. told officials he and Georgina Misener conspired to keep Matthew Misener away from a court hearing by placing him “in reasonable apprehension of imminent serious physical injury” and if that failed, he’d cause serious physical injury to him.

Montano further admitted that he drove to Greenlee County and laid in wait for the intended victim, a Morenci mine mechanic, on Highway 191 on Feb. 10.

He further confessed to firing a 9 mm handgun multiple times at Misener from his vehicle into Misener’s, killing him.

Under the terms of his plea agreement, Montano will be sentenced to 25 years for second-degree murder and a consecutive 8.75 years for the conspiracy count. He’s scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 28 in Graham County Superior Court.

Montano was arrested within a week of Misener’s death in Pima County. Georgina Misener, the victim’s 33-year-old former wife, was arrested Feb. 25 on suspicion of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder charges. She’s still awaiting trial.

Clifton police said at the time of her arrest they’d found electronic communications between her and Montano coordinating the murder.

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