The United Way of Graham and Greenlee Counties has extra room in their building in Morenci and the organization is offering nonprofits free space.

The Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition of Greenlee County, which sprang back into existence earlier this year, will be moving into the United Way building soon and The Gila Watershed Partnership set up an office on Wednesday.

However, the building consists of four offices and a board room so there’s room for others.

United Way CEO Adam O’Doherty said it has always been the mission of the organization to assist and uplift local nonprofits.

“If need be we can have plans to expand,” he said. “We know meeting spaces are sparse in the Clifton area.”

Data shows if organizations work closely together they create a better working environment, said O’Doherty. If the United Way can save a nonprofit roughly $12,000 to $30,000 annually in rent, that money can go back to benefit the local community, he said.

“Our real goal is to develop new programs in Greenlee and bring programs to Greenlee and help support nonprofit expansion to Greenlee,” he said.

Kathy Grimes, director of the Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition, is thrilled by the arrangement.

“It’s a huge resource when they’re able to help us like that,” Grimes said. “It will provide us a place to meet and collaborate. It will also give a staff member a place to prepare for staff training, presentations, and will be a place where our staff member can go to process grant applications.”

As a nonprofit organization, Grimes said paying rent for a building definitely takes away money from the goal of the coalition.

In the upcoming year, O’Doherty said the board will be looking for a larger building to rent in Graham County as well. The current office in Safford is small and if they got a larger office they’d be able to offer space to nonprofits in Graham County as well.

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