Safford Police Station

A local woman who received a terrifying call last week lost $1,000 to scammers.

According to a Safford Police report, the woman called police on March 9 and told them she was driving between Safford and Morenci when she received a telephone call from a man claiming to have her daughter at gunpoint.

The victim told police the caller threatened to kill her daughter unless the money was sent through Western Union to someone in Mexico. She told officers a woman whose voice resembled her daughter's came on the line, saying there was a gun to her head.

The man kept the woman on the phone throughout the transaction and after being given the tracking number, told her to return to Morenci. She told police she lost the call while driving through the Black Hills and was unable to reach the number when she tried to call back.

After growing suspicious, she told police she called her daughter, who was at work and showing no signs of distress.

Police say there are no leads in the case.

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