Sam Oberter and Emily Wettstein

Sam Oberter and Emily Wettstein lead a group of participants in Saturday's almanac content gathering workshop. The duo hope to hold a winter workshop session and distribute paper almanacs to the community next summer.

When Sam Oberter followed the lights of Morenci off of the highway and into town around five years ago, he entered a new world.

“I’d never seen a copper mine before,” he said Saturday to a smattering of locals seated at folding chairs in Clifton’s old train depot turned visitors center. “I didn’t know there was a company town left in the United States.”


A selection of images and illustrations from Greenlee County past and present were available to help commemorate or inspire individual historical accounts.


A volunteer for the Morenci Almanac project fills out questions at Saturday's session.


A new almanac project in the Morenci-Clifton area seeks to gather individual histories informed by life in a company town.


Seventy-four-year-old Dennis has lived in the Clifton/Morenci area his whole life. He was one of around 16 participants involved in a recent two-day almanac workshop in Clifton.


Barbara, who drove haul trucks at the mine for 11 years, worked on her map of Morenci on Saturday.

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